The Campers Day

The Structure of Camp
We offer structure to every camp day. Every day has something for the brain, something for the heart, something for the body, and something for the soul.

Our primary goals for our camp are:

1. to bring campers to an understanding of what our Lord and Savior accomplished for us, and

2. to have fun. Of course, we hope our campers will also enjoy any of a hundred other memory-making experiences during their time here. The camp is divided across three school age groups:

• Juniors– grades 4th thru 5th

• Intermediate– grades 6th thru 8th

• Senior– grades 9th thru 12th


Mail Call

Mail is delivered daily during the lunch meal.

Connect with your camper during their week away by sending or dropping off a letter or write an email

Letters can be dropped during registration (after your camper is in the cabin) in the MAILBOX near the camp exit. Label each piece of mail with the camper’s name and which day the mail should be delivered.

Example: Grace Bible Camp. Freddy Forest, Wednesday

Letters can be mailed to 
400 Bruce Lake Road
​Bruce, WI 54819

Camp schedule found here and at bottom of this page.

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