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Text or E-mail Camp Registrar if you have questions or are in need of financial help for your child to attend camp: Cell#: 715-790-0176 or E-Mail: [email protected]
Camper (or Staff Members) Name
Parent/Guardian Name
List the grade the Camper will be in at the start of the next school year.
(As Determined at Birth)
(Camp Insurance is secondary after primary insurance coverage).
Have you had a physical exam in the past 24 months?
Is your immunization and tetanus up to date?
Health Conditions?
(check all that apply)
Do any allergies require an injection?
A Physician has restricted exercise?
Medications will be sent with camper?

All medications must be in original containers and turned into the Camp Health Supervisor during Registration.

Permission & Agreement
IN CASE of EMERGENCY: By signing this form I give my permission for the camp health supervisor to administer necessary medications and medical treatment for Camper [or Staff Member] while he / or she is attending Grace Bible Camp. I attest that all information on this form is correct.

Please take the time to go over and read the following information with your camper.
Permission & Agreement
‘Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout Bible Camp. These will be used by the Bible Camp in our publications, on our website and in social media or in any third party publication. Please contact the Director if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.’

If you have questions regarding these standards, please feel free to call or text Camp Director at 715-715-2625 or email at [email protected]
Do NOT send Camp Registrations to Trails End Camp address. Camp Registrar’s address is on Camp Flyer and information page of website. Registration / Health Form and all monies must be received by Camp Registrar 7 days prior to Camp Week for camper to attend camp.
Camper registrations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED at camp. Exceptions are to be cleared with Camp Director.
Camper “check-in” time begins at 3 p.m. on Sunday. Those bringing campers, be CAREFUL driving on Camp property. Park in area by Main Lodge. Do not park in driveways or in pathways to cabins.
All monies brought to camp must be deposited in the Camp Canteen Fund for safekeeping.
The following items are NOT to be brought to camp: radios, CD or DVD players, electronic games, improper magazines or books, any illegal substances, or any other item(s) that may detract from the atmosphere of a Bible Camp.
Clothing should be appropriate for the activities the camper will be involved in at camp. Shorts must have at least a 5” inseam. All shirts worn by boys, girls or staff must have sleeves and cover to the waistline. No spandex shorts, “skinny jeans”, “yoga pants” or leggings, bikinis or French-cut swimsuits. “Modesty” is the standard. Any clothing found to be improper by the Camp Staff will be confiscated and returned to camper at the end of camp week.
Deliberate destruction of property, theft, fighting, injurious behavior, cursing, or any other behavior unbecoming a person attending a Bible Camp will not be tolerated.
We have a Boy / Girl “no contact policy” regarding touching, holding hands, kissing, etc. between Campers.
Violations of these standards (or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Camp Director and Camp Board) may result in loss of privileges at camp, financial liability for repair or replacement of damaged item(s), and/or expulsion from Camp.
Parents (or Guardians) will be responsible for picking up camper expelled from Camp. Provide cell number(s) on Registration Form where you may be reached if it should become necessary to come and pick up camper in the event of illness, injury or disciplinary action. Campers MUST BE PICKED UP BY 10 a.m. on Friday morning, however, campers are to remain until camp has been cleaned, inspected and condition of camp facilities are satisfactory to Camp Caretaker.
IMPORTANT !! Parents (or Guardians), Camper [and Camp Staff] Must READ and Sign Below. (Camp Dir.)
Signature of BOTH parent (or Guardian) AND camper on the lines below indicates that both have read,
understand and agree to follow camp standards and instructions. Signatures required for completing registration.

Parent (or Guardian) of camper, Camper and Staff hereby agree to hold harmless Trails End Camp any sponsors or staff of Grace Bible Camp for any and all costs from injuries, accidents, or death that may occur at camp.
(Camp Insurance will be secondary coverage after Parent (Guardian) [or Staff] insurance coverage.)

Registration / Health Form and all monies must be received by Camp Registrar 7 days prior to Camp Week for camper to attend camp.