UEnglish: an interactive English learning SMS service

About UEnglish

The British Council has launched an interactive English learning SMS service – UEnglish – in collaboration with Ufone. Through a quiz format, the service helps subscribers improve their English skills. The service will allow users to learn and increase their English language proficiency via daily interactive SMS messages. Users will receive an SMS on demand with a multiple choice question each on the usage of nouns, pronouns, prepositions, articles etc. Users will be able to respond to these messages by making the appropriate selection and receive feedback on the validity of their answers. The service includes features like rankings, lucky draws and many other features that will ensure fever-pitch participation.

How to activate?

To become a part of this learning adventure, you can send ‘GO’ in an SMS to 6990. This will generate a reply containing an introductory message followed by a question. Replying to the question will generate a second SMS containing bundle details and price plans so you can make your choice and be on the road to speaking and writing better English through the UEnglish with British Council service from Ufone.


PKR 0.20 per SMS

Package 1: 35 SMS messages for PKR 5

Package 2: 100 SMS messages for PKR 10

Package 3: 200 SMS messages for PKR 20

All the above prices are excluding any government taxes.