Research Associate (RA) Fellowship

The Research Associate (RA) Fellowship serves as a training ground for aspiring young leaders to gain practical ground experience in public health research, social entrepreneurship, health systems management and health communications. This 2 year fellowship paves the way to admissions at the most prestigious graduate school programs and scholarship opportunities. Our Research Associates have been accepted in programs at Johns Hopkins University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Emory and other leading institutions. Combining top tier education and the RA fellowship experience cultivates the next generation of social impact leaders to bring innovations to vulnerable communities all over the world.


Each RA works on several health programs in different job roles to gain a multi-disciplinary experience and perspective to different challenges. They attend weekly intense training seminars led by experts in the field to gain specialized skills in epidemiology, social entrepreneurship models, health system operations management and health communications.


The RA fellowship is based in Karachi. During the 2 year of the fellowship regional opportunities at our offices in Johannesburg, Dhaka, Jakarta and Dubai as well as other implementation sites will be made available. In the past fellows have worked in several countries including Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tajikistan.